GroNexus is the first all plant based topical solution to help regrow hair in both men and women. With multiple clinical trials, GroNexus is the safest dermatologist recommended product for hair regrowth.

Like many great discoveries,  the power of plants to regrow hair came about by chance.  Our scientists discovered that a combination of plants being studied for other indications showed signs of regrowing hair. This finding was an important discovery for millions of people experiencing hair loss. 

Taking note,  our scientists began researching the use of topical plant stem cell solution on the scalp. Soon after, results showed us that the botanical formula did indeed regrow hair. Then product innovations began leading to a cutting edge formula that yielded hair regrowth benefits in both men and women. Today, GroNexus is the only natural plant based topical product used in Spas and Dermatology offices worldwide recognized to regrow hair.